We bring the machines into the team - Remote Control solution with TeamViewer and SYS TEC electronic

We bring the machines into the team

The Remote Control Solution with TeamViewer and SYS TEC electronic

Snow cannons, transformer houses, irrigation systems - there are many examples of machines, devices and sensors distributed over large areas. In cooperation with TeamViewer, SYS TEC electronic now offers a fast, uncomplicated IoT solution for holistic monitoring and remote control of the systems.


TeamViewer allows you to access any device or computer over the Internet. It does not matter where the two endpoints are stationed that are to be connected to each other. The only requirement is that both are connected to the Internet and use the TeamViewer client.

This remote access enables, for example, support and maintenance of the device without a person having to be present on site. This allows direct access to the device during maintenance to locate and rectify faults. Costs incurred by the arrival of a technician, or waiting or downtime can be effectively reduced. For example, a developer who is given permission to do so could access an edge controller in the field directly from his office.

The setup effort is minimal. Using TeamViewer does not require any intervention or changes to the existing enterprise infrastructure. No additional VPN needs to be set up or certain network ports need to be enabled. This relieves the burden on the relevant IT department and reduces the overall risk to the network. Only the TeamViewer agent has to be installed and started on the respective computer.

Classical remote access via TeamViewer can currently be used for a number of operating systems, for example for Windows, macOS, iOS but also for Linux and Android. Additionally it is possible to use TeamViewer on embedded IoT devices - for example for the edge controller sysWORXX CTR-700 of SYS TEC electronic.

Connection setup and security

As soon as the TeamViewer IoT Agent is started on the corresponding device, it establishes a connection with the TeamViewer server. This server then only passes on access requests if they are authorized accordingly. Depending on the settings made, it is sufficient to use the individual device ID and password assigned by TeamViewer.

Thereby connections are triple secured:

  • The client must be started manually on the corresponding device.
  • The corresponding credentials must be used.
  • The connection must be authorized via the TeamViewer server.

Furthermore TeamViewer is supported by the Bundesverband der IT-Sachverständigen und Gutachter e.V. (Federal Association of IT Experts and Experts). (BISG e.V.) was awarded the quality seal and awarded five stars (maximum value). The detailed security information available on the TeamViewer website contains detailed information on the individual steps required to achieve maximum data security.  

The IoT agent used on the sysWORXX CTR-700 offers additional protection from outside: Only connection requests are accepted that are executed by a TeamViewer account stored on the device.

TeamViewer-IoT-Agent on the sysWORXX CTR-700

The sysWORXX CTR-700 tuned TeamViewer IoT agent supports three function modes:

  • Remote access to the device (shell and web access)
  • Monitoring via the TeamViewer-IoT-Cloud
  • Port forwarding for own services

Remote access to the sysWORXX CTR-700 allows you to use the Linux operating system terminal. This allows developers, for example, to access the device to make updates or changes. In addition to this shell access, the TeamViewer IoT Agent allows access via web access to a configurable web port. Via this port it is possible to access any web-based application running on the sysWORXX CTR-700. The integrated Node-RED is addressed by default. This makes it possible to edit the flows of Node-RED from anywhere. The web port can be changed at will to be able to address another web service on the CTR-700.

The IoT Agent can also be used to visualize monitoring data via the TeamViewer cloud. "Out of the box" this includes the individual device data, such as CPU usage and free/used memory. It is also possible to connect the sensors and actuators connected via inputs and outputs of the sysWORXX CTR-700 and visualize their information via the TeamViewer-IoT cloud. Thus TeamViewer offers a simple possibility to realize a lightweight process control system.

Port forwarding makes it possible to release additional ports for shell and web access in addition to the ports already used by default. This way, for example, own applications or services running locally on the sysWORXX CTR-700 can be called and used remotely by TeamViewer.


An interview about the cooperation with TeamViewer can be found here.


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