E²MS solution wanted? An extract from our capabilities!

You have an ingenious idea that you want to turn into reality quickly and easily? Our specialists in the fields of embedded systems, smart systems, fieldbus communication and industrialization support you with competence and know-how.

We offer you development and training packages at very special conditions:

Individual development services of hardware and software in the field of embedded systems:

Do you have a clever idea and need a partner to implement it?

Concept, development, industrialization and production - we develop and produce customer-specific and individually for you:

  • Hardware-Design, Layout, Simulation
  • Linux und RTOS
  • CAN und CANopen
  • Modbus
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • Node-RED
  • IEC 61131
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#

... to our service portfolio

in addition:

  • industrialization of your automation components
  • technical project management

Smart Products Engineering

Are you planning to develop a new smart product or would you like to functionally expand an existing product?

We support you with competence and know-how.

  • Selection and integration of sensors and actuators
  • secure networking / connectivity at all levels
  • local processing and storage of long-term data series
  • Product personalization
  • Design and implementation of user-friendly user interfaces
  • Self-diagnoses
  • Remote maintenance and device management via cloud
  • Configuration and customization in the manufacturing process

High-level programmable embedded devices

Are you looking for a development partner who designs your embedded system in such a way that your software team can program it with familiar high-level languages?

Program the evaluation of your sensor data and your control applications in familiar high-level languages ​​instead of laboriously in Embedded-C! Individual embedded devices - the connectivity of a classic controller combined with the convenience of a standard industrial PC. With us, your wishes become reality.

Integration of

  •     C#/.NET Runtime
  •     Java Runtime
  •     Python Runtime
  •     IEC 61131-3 Runtime
  •     Node-RED Runtime

Individual user-programmable devices

Would you like to design your devices so that your customers can easily program and configure them themselves?

  • defined range of functions for programming by your customers
  • Encapsulation and protection of your intellectual property

How? We integrate the runtime environments for:

  • IEC 61131-3 (PLC programming)
  • Node-RED (low-code development)


... to our specialist article Node-RED Nodes for the sysWORXX CTR-700

AI-enabled edge devices

Do you rely on the future technology AI?

Have you recognized the potential of AI applications, but don't want to rely on a cloud-based solution? A good choice! Define your future in AI-enabled edge devices:

  • AI-compatible hardware design
  • Selection and integration of sensors and actuators
  • secure communication
  • Porting and integration of local AI software
  • Remote maintenance via cloud
  • Configuration and customization in the manufacturing process


…to our specialist article Machine Learning in Devices at the Field Level Thanks to NVIDIA® Jetson Nano ™


Customized test and diagnostic systems

Are you a manufacturer of series products yourself?

As a producer of electronic assemblies, we develop all series test stations in-house and know the challenges of production tests very well.
We support you with:

  • Hardware design, layout
  • Boundary scan
  • In-Circuit-Test (ICT)
  • LabVIEW
  • Database connection
  • User interfaces

... to our test systems


Training and coaching

  •  CANopen
  •  MQTT
  •  Node-RED
  •  IEC 61131-3
  •  CAN FD development
  •  Python
  •  Java
  •  C#


... to our coaching offers

The bottlenecks in the supply chain for electronic components are having a negative impact on your business? Are you looking for a way to noticeably improve your procurement situation?

Pathway out of the tense component situation...

The current overload of supply chains in almost the entire market for electronic components poses great challenges for many of our customers to be able to manufacture their products on time and on budget. In order to avoid delivery times of up to 24 months in some cases, we evaluate alternative components and take care of all the necessary test and adjustment tasks:

  • short-term evaluation of alternative components
  • Non-binding suggestions for optimization
  • fast and efficient system adjustments:
    • Fit- Form- Function compatible redesign of your hardware
    • Adaptation and optimization of the software
  • All-round service
    • Experienced engineers and technologists
    • Test equipment for EMC, in circuit test (ICT), boundary scan, burn-in function test, end device test, high voltage test, insulation test or stress tests in our climatic chamber
  • Well-established obsolescence and life cycle management processes

Your advantages:

  • short term project implementation
  • direct consulting and support by our system architects
  • in-house technology department
  • in-house EMC laboratory
  • attractive conditions
  • over 30 years of expertise in development, industrialization and series production

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