Software Design

Customized, flexible solutions for your software requirements

We develop customised, flexible solutions for your individual software requirements. We can rely on an experienced team of software developers with its extensive expertise. We are also specialised in complex performance requirements, for which we rely on innovative development tools and programming strategies.

The focus of our varied services for pure software development is on programming with C/C++, C# and D. For IoT applications (see Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0, we primarily use Node-RED, OPC UA and MQTT as M2M protocols. For visualisation projects with the creation of surface designs, QT is usually used. One of our core skills lies in the development of controllers which are user-programmable per IEC 61131-3. Our application-related software libraries include motion control and CNC kernel.

Especially within the context of fieldbus communication, we can draw on extensive expertise regarding CANopen and Ethernet Powerlink communication software stacks.

Using expert project teams, we programme firmware designs for your customer-specific devices as part of application development. Furthermore, we adapt operating systems to your customer-specific hardware and develop the associated Board Support Packages (BSP) for you. We also take on the development of FPGA software.

Our software and hardware development teams work together on holistic solutions, so you don’t have to face the hassle of integration or problems with updates and security issues.

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