Mechanical & Housing Design

3D modeling of circuit boards & devices via CAD design

Our developments in mechanics and housing design begin with the planning and compilation of the mechanical boundary conditions. The subsequent collection of the housing data and design of printed circuit boards and devices is done by means of CAD design in a 3D model. Your application-specific and customer-specific housing is thus first created graphically. As a result, possible collisions of the components with the housing or bottlenecks become apparent right at the beginning of the layout phase.

SYS TEC electronic works with the CAD software SolidWorks for visualisation and simulation. The advantage of 3D CAD design lies in the analysis possibilities and the accuracy of its depiction of the housing. This means, for example, that the thermal design of the housing can be simulated and calculated.

Another application example of our mechanical & housing design is the front panel design, as production of professional front plates also requires modelling. And this can be easily brought to life with the help of the experience of our specialists. Our customers then also have the option to have the front plates professionally milled with us.

In this way and with the expertise of our development team, your ideas take on the best-possible form.

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