Electronics Design

Complex circuit design for large component diversity

The production of an electronic assembly with a low error rate begins with an excellent design. The requirements for circuit design have become more stringent: electronic components are becoming increasingly complex and smaller, and the circuit designs have to unite an ever-increasing variety of components.

We develop a holistic, efficient electronic design for you. In doing so, we pay particular attention to:

This makes our electronics designs cost-optimised, production-friendly, test-oriented and EMC-compatible. From platform research and circuit simulation to schematic design, placement and ultimately the layout – we are your skilled, experienced partner.

Of course, we attach great importance to the reliability of your electronics. This ensures high availability for later use in your application. Various approaches and design variants can already be compared and selected in the design process using statistical methods, such as MTBF calculation. So we find together with you the solution with the lowest failure rate.

Our requirements for excellent electronics design

SYS TEC electronic is your premium supplier for electronic services. This means high quality, reliability and adherence to deadlines. These goals run through our complete range of services – from concept and electronics design through to series production. Especially in electronics design, quality is crucial, because it is here that the foundations for your prototype and finally the series are laid. A good design ultimately determines the low scrap rate of an assembly.

The overall aim of our electronics designs is therefore the longevity of your assemblies. We dimension the modules in such a way that the power dissipation is reduced. First of all, critical parameters are identified in order to minimise the load on the components. For this it is necessary to know the exact functions, tolerances, thresholds and dispersal of the modules. Application environment disturbances must be included in the design process, as must the mean time between failure (MTBF). The modules – with their individual failure rates – are therefore chosen so that the smart circuit solution which is created is robust and less susceptible to interference.

Your electronics design begins with the platform architecture. The schematic is then designed with its sub-components. This design is then examined in a circuit simulation for the influence of parameters such as voltage or temperature. If these tests pass, the placement and layout will be completed.

Our hardware developers check the prototypes in extensive test facilities, simulating faults and environmental influences. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues are also important. They make it possible to investigate the effects of interference in the housing (in the form of overvoltage, for example). With these, potential errors can be identified at an early stage to avoid later problems in serial production. As a result, we can draft superior electronics designs for our customers with a very low reject rate.

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