Development Kit sysWORXX SOM-1021

Easy commissioning of the ECUcore-1021

ECUcore-1021 SOM, Development Board & Software included

The Development Kit ECUcore-1021 contains an ECUcore-1021 SOM, a Development Board and software needed for trouble-free commissioning of the ECUcore-1021 quickly starting your own software development based on the NXP (former Freescale) Layerscape LS1021A microcontroller. The Development Board provides access to the ECUcore-1021 via Gigabit Ethernet, a RS232 port, two CAN interfaces and a SD-Card. Self-made boot images can be loaded using a SD-Card as boot device. Additionally, SPI and interrupt signals are available on a patch field for connecting own circuitry. A simple and straightforward design of the development board helps users to understand what is necessary to apply the ECUcore-1021 in own applications with minimal wiring.

The DVD delivered with the Development Kit contains a ready-to-use virtual machine (VMware-based) with an pre-integrated cross-toolchain and Eclipse-based IDE for instant-startup of own application development on the ECUcore-1021 SOM.

For users who need additional high-speed interfaces like mSATA, Serdes, PCIe, USB and display connectivity, please check out our Application Kit ECUcore-1021 which offers a great deal more of ready-to-use functionality on the carrier board.

Features / Details

VMware Image Linux - ECUcore-1021
The Linux development system included in the Kit serves as development platform and as debug environment for software application development on the ECUcore-1021. It comes with a ready-to-use pre-integrated development environment for C/C++ application development, pre-installed on a VMware virtual machine. The software required to run the virtual machine (VMware Player) is available free of charge for downloading on the Internet. Using virtual machines for application development provides a number of advantages to the end-user. Installation of new software on your development PC is reduced to the installation of the VMware player. Even your development PC runs a Windows OS you can develop Linux applications right away without changing your existing OS or the need to setup a new PC. It is not necessary to install the development environment or compile the cross tool chain from scratch from downloaded sources. This eliminates a huge number of possible pitfalls for new users and saves valuable time. You can easily keep a working copy of your virtual machine for backup. In case of data loss you can switch to your backup virtual machine and you’ll be productive again in no time.

Additionally you can make use of our in-house support and will optional get schematics review and assistance.

Kit Content

  • ECUcore-1021 - System on Module
  • Development Board ECUcore-1021
  • FTP patch cable Cat.5e, 2.0m
  • ESD handling instructions
  • DVD containing the VMware Image with Linux cross-development toolchain for ECUcore-1021, datasheets and documentation
  • Documentation included:
    • ECUcore-1021 Hardware Manual
    • Development Board Schematics


Ordering Information

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KIT-173Development Kit ECUcore-1021
ECUcore-1021, Development Board ECUcore-1021, Netzteil, Kabelsatz, DVD VMware Image Linux - ECUcore-1021
4004048Gehäuse für ECUcore-1021 Dev. Kit (optional)
Vorbereitetes und betriebsfertiges Gehäuse geeignet für die Montage der KIT-173 Komponenten

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