sysWORXX CTR-700 & your hardware requirements

Comfortably equipped, versatile


The sysWORXX CTR-700 is an individually modifiable hardware component that includes numerous industrial inputs and outputs, variable bus interfaces, an SD card slot for memory expansion, USB interfaces, and two Ethernet interfaces that are separated on the hardware side. In addition, the controller can be used as a universal communication platform or IoT coupler - e.g. with out of the box protocols such as MQTT, Modbus, CANopen, OPC UA.


Details & Features

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Size (height, width, depth)60x162x91mm
Humidity10 - 95% non-condensing (VDE 0110)
ProcessorNXP i.MX 7
processor coreDual Cortex-A7
MPU speed (MHz)1000
temp. sensorYes
RAM1024 MB
Storage8GB eMMC
ETH2 (Secure separation of IT & OT)
CAN2 (CANopen, CAN Layer 2)
SIO3 (RS485 Modbus, RS232 freely available)
USB host1
SD card1
Linux console1 (Version as USB or RS232)
Cloudprepared for use with cloud providers such as IBM Watson
Basic installation

Linux OS (Debian Linux, Stretch 9.8), I/O drivers, Node-RED with nodes for I/O drivers, OpenJDK & Mono

Additional licensesOpenPCS RT, OPC UA Server for OpenPCS
OptionalThird-party software: Download via Debian OS repositories
I/O interfaces 
DI 24 VDC16 (data galvanically decoupled)
A/B Encoder1 (alternate function for 2 DI and Highspeed Counter)
high-speed counter1 (alternate function for 2 DI and A/B Encoder)
DO 24VDC, 0.5 A16
PWM2 (alternate function for 1 DO - depending on used PWM channel)
relay 230VAC, 1 A2
AI4 (configurable: 0...10VDC, 0...20mA)
status LEDsPower CPU
 power periphery
 & more
Maintenance accessSSH/SFTP