CANopen Introductory Workshop

Fast & efficient introduction to CAN / CANopen technology

Specially designed for developers & system designers

With the CANopen Introductory Workshop, the participants receive a quick and efficient introduction to the CAN / CANopen technology. This workshop is particularly intended for developers and system designers who want to acquire principal knowledge of CANopen technology.

Workshop Agenda

  1. Basics of CAN
    • Features of CAN
    • Bus Arbitration
    • CAN-Frames
    • CAN-Hardware
  2. Overview about CANopen concept
    • Structure and target
    • CANopen services and definitions
  3. Introduction in the work with the CANopen - tools, -software and creating of CANopen network
    • Network configuration
    • Structure of a CANopen network according to your requirements
    • Creating of own CANopen devices based on the available software library
    • Connecting of I/O's from any CANopen nodes
    • Parameterization of these connections
  4. Initial operation and test of the CANopen network
    • Loading of the configured network values to the network nodes
    • Starting the network
    • Verifying of the configured I/O-connections and parameter
    • Verifying of the CANopen services


  • Training period: 1 day
  • Participants: max 5 persons
  • Location: SYS TEC electronic AG, 08468 Heinsdorfergrund, Germany

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5003002CANopen Introductory Workshop
1 Day Workshop at the facilities of SYS TEC electronic AG including printed training material

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