MPDO Add-on

Multiplex PDO Services

According to CiA 301

The MPDO Add-on module provides multiplexed PDO services according to CiA 301. A multiplexed PDO is a special type of PDO that is used wherever more process data are to be transmitted, as “normal” PDOs are available. MPDOs are therefore used in CANopen lifts (CiA 417) for example.


Features / Details

Within a MPDO message, the source address (Source Address Mode) or destination address (Destination Address Mode) of the data are transmitted by its index and subindex. Thus, 4 byte per MPDO-message remains for the data itself.

The current implementation of the MPDO Addon module provides the functionality of Destination Address Mode (DAM). It features a DAM producer and DAM consumer.


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SO-1066CANopen MPDO Add-on 
CANopen MPDO Add-on Source Code, Documentation, License Contract

(requires SO-877, SO-877-VP, SO-1063 or SO-1063-VP)

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