Flying Master Add-on

Dynamic NMT Modus Master or Slave

Configuration, monitoring, control of slave devices

The extension module Flying Master renders a CANopen Manager according to CiA-Standard 302 Part 2 with the possibility to determine the NMT mode as Master or Slave dynamically to the run time. Only one CANopen device can serve as NMT Master in a CANopen network area. This CANopen unit adjusts the configuration of all Slave units, controls these Slave devices and is able to start or stop them.


Features / Details

Within a CANopen network environment several devices can be placed together Flying Master. Upon start of the network (initiation via Power-On) all Flying Master units negotiate, which of these devices will act as NMT Master. This process is called NMT Flying Master Negotiation. The Flying Master units, that won’t act according to the NMT Master, continue serving as NMT Slave and control the active NMT Master unit via the Heartbeat Protocol.

If the active NMT Master unit is lost or rendered inactive (for instance a recognition of a Heartbeat Timeout), the NMT Flying Master Negotiation process is being relaunched and the active NMT Master unit is redetermined among the remaining Flying Master devices.


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CANopen Flying Master - Software Manual (DE)
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CANopen Flying Master Add-on
CANopen Flying Master Add-on Source Code, Documentation, License Contract

(requires SO-1063 or SO-1063-VP)

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