CANopen Bootloader

Transfer programs in binary format

Functionality according to CANopen standard CiA 302

The CANopen Bootloader is a software package used to transfer programs in binary format to the target hardware and to run it there using CANopen. The functionality of the bootloader package is designed according to the specifications of CANopen Standard CiA 302.


Features / Details

The CANopen Bootloader is suitable with the CANopen Master & Slave Source Code package (SO-877, according to CiA Standard DS 301) and with the CANopen Manager Source Code (SO-1063, according to CiA 301 and manager functionality according to CiA 302).

The software package is comprised of two parts: the bootloader and the flash tools (available for Windows systems, Linux and .NET). The flash tools convert the application data (S3 records, Hex record format) into a binary format and transfer them to the target hardware. The bootloader receives the data transmitted by the flash tools, verifies them and writes the data into the flash and it starts the application that has been transferred.

Communication and data transmission between the bootloader and the flash tools takes place by means of CANopen SDO transfer.

The CANopen Bootloader package covers the CANopen communication side. The direct hardware access to the memory deeply depends on the used target system. That part of the integration must be done by the customer. SYS TEC is pleased to support his customers in such a bootloader integration and can offers customized services as well as CANopen Bootloader adaptation workshops at this point. A first implementation for Microchip dsPIC33 family is already included in the CANopen Bootloader package. Furthermore, CANopen Bootloader implementations exist for the NXP LPC21xx / LPC22xx / LPC23xx family, Fujitsu MB90F352, Motorola PowerPC 563 and Silabs 8051, which can be inquired separately.


CANopen Source Code - Product Flyer
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CANopen Bootloader - Software Manual (DE)
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SO-1089CANopen Bootloader Add-on 
CANopen Bootloader Add-on Source Code, Documentation, License Contract

(requires SO-877, SO-877-VP, SO-1063 or SO-1063-VP)

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