Process optimization - a joint project Marketplace I4.0

Fully exploiting the potential of IoT

Relevant process data and key figures as well as essential order data are made available to the relevant systems along the entire automation pyramid. This ensures a consistent status image in real time from the sensor or edge level of production to the ERP system with the following advantages:


  • precise capacity planning and binding customer communication;

  • Increase in the quality of the manufactured products and reduction of faulty parts;

  • Predictive maintenance, even before machine or plant components fail;

  • Energy monitoring and optimization.


Three companies have bundled their core competencies and are presenting a joint retrofit use case in which an existing machine has been retrofitted with additional sensor technology in order to detect anomalies at an early stage by means of structure-borne sound analysis and corresponding data preprocessing at the edge level (SYS TEC electronic AG). An MES system with a focus on zero error tolerance (Pickert & Partner GmbH) uncovers optimization potential. The TRANSCONNECT® (SQL Projekt AG) interface server handles the overall data integration, aggregates all relevant data and makes it available to the relevant systems at the right time in the right format.

An all-round successful joint project in Marktplatz Industrie 4.0 e.V.