sysWORXX SSM-100

Evaluation of vibration data

The SSM-100 is an extension module for FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation), which is capable of absorbing vibrations independent of the range. The module developed by SYS TEC electronic provides the signals of the structure-borne sound sensors as digitally processable data to the main control system and, with this process, enables the analysis and evaluation of the vibration data.
It is possible to analyze up to six channels simultaneously. This corresponds to the movement data in the three spatial axes at two measuring points. The transformation and filter algorithms used are flexible and can be individually adapted to customer requirements.



Technical parameters

The sysWORXX SSM-100 has the following specifications:

- 6 channels
- Sensors: IEPE accelerometers (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric)
- Resolution: 16 Bit
- Sampling rate: 2.5 kHz
- Useful signal bandwidth: 3 ... 1000 Hz
- FFT resolution: 3268 spectral lines with a resolution of 0.305 Hz
- RMS: continuous rms value
- Temperature range: -20 ... +60 °C
- Sensor diagnosis for each channel (short-circuit/line break)
- Interfaces for value transfer (FFT data and RMS values): RS232 and Ethernet


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