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Production 4.0: Always keep an eye on production conditions, machine utilization & energy consumption of your production

Do you want to be up to date on a daily basis on how your machine is used to capacity and how much energy you consume? At the same time you want to optimize the production conditions for man and machine? With our full-service offerings, monitoring, production 4.0 and retrofitting become real applications. Benefit from greater efficiency and transparency in all areas.

On one day in January, our production team literally caught a cold. After the production break over Christmas and the turn of the year, an unpleasant surprise was waiting: During the planned production stop, the heating system had failed. The consequence: Unscheduled production standstill - both for employees and machines.

However, the unpleasant incident that delayed the resumption of production clearly shows the benefits and advantages of the Internet of Things in production and the advantages of Industry 4.0. Our new product family sysWORXX supports syskoplan's entry into modern production.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept according to which the most diverse objects and computing systems are connected via networks and the Internet, communicate with each other and exchange data. They could be whole factories. The smallest of these things are sensors connected by radio, such as those that now monitor temperature and humidity in our country.


Internet of things

The Internet of Things forms part of the basis for Industry 4.0, a term first mentioned by Henning Kagermann, Wolf-Dieter Lukas and Wolfgang Wahlster. It describes the fourth revolutionary development in the industry thanks to Cyber Physical Systems and massive networking. The first revolution was the introduction of mechanical water or steam-powered production plants in the 18th century. It was followed by revolution two in the form of electrification and assembly line production. Experts see the use of electronics and electronic data processing through to digital machine controls as stage three.

From this third stage of industrial revolutions we bring 28 years of experience and knowledge about the needs of industrial customers into the industry 4.0. We offer hardware, electronics and software development solutions for the embedded and application area - also with cloud connection. "We come from the tradition of automation functions," explains Klaus Rupprecht, "That's why our IoT solutions such as the sysWORXX family are always associated with machine control functions. We deliver more than just gateways that only pass through data without processing it. For example, the sysWORXX CTR-100: The controller includes signal pre-processing for Bluetooth sensors and forwards its data to the sysWORXX CTR-700, which is also new. This larger and more powerful controller has been specially designed for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring and can process and manage data from multiple machines and serves as an interface to cloud servers or control rooms.

The preparatory data processing directly at the machine is necessary because many applications in production are time-critical. This is why we do not simply divert data into "one big cloud". "With the sysWORXX CTR-100, machine data is already pre-processed in the controller," explains Thomas Krause. "If deviations or errors occur, we send a warning to the user via the sysWORXX CTR-700 and via cloud to point this out - for example, if values lie outside defined limits".

With this modern control technology, the user can prevent certain peak values from being exceeded within the billing period and thus slip into a more expensive tariff of his energy supplier. Klaus Rupprecht believes that anyone who has not yet carried out such monitoring can even reduce costs: "Because you can avoid peaks that they could only guess beforehand.

With monitoring, another application field from industry 4.0 becomes possible for users: Predictive Maintenance. The control systems detect minimal changes in the machine data that indicate wear or even possible failures. Predictive maintenance can be implemented with monitoring like in soldering furnaces, explains Thomas Krause:

From the measured values, for example if the furnaces take longer to heat up, you can see increasing wear of the heating elements. If the progress analysis shows that an unusual amount of reheating is required on a regular basis, the insulation may be defective. Regular maintenance can be reduced thanks to digital monitoring by our sysWORXX family. In some cases, this is not necessary at all and maintenance can be carried out in anticipation of wear and tear.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Krause, Projectengineer IoT SYS TEC electronic AG

With sysWORXX we enable a meaningful entry into IoT and industry 4.0 that is perfectly tailored to your own company.

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