Electronics for the Internet of Things from Vogtland

Electronics for the Internet of Things from Vogtland

The electronics service provider SYS TEC electronic based in Heinsdorfergrund near Reichenbach has been investing for years in the development of future-proof electronics solutions for the realization of industry 4.0.


The long-life industrial radio interface sysWORXX SRN-300, introduced in September 2018, completes the product range of the Vogtland-based company for IoT solutions. With the products of the sysWORXX series, a multitude of solutions for networking people and machines can be implemented.

"If you want to digitize an existing machine that is 20 years old, you will need a lot of small puzzle pieces. With the new radio interface and in our function as system integrator, we complete the puzzle and can offer the customer a holistic solution. In this way, we guarantee the transmission of data from the sensor on the machine to the cloud," explains Klaus Rupprecht, Commercial Director of SYS TEC electronic GmbH.

The newly developed Short Range Radio Node acquires measurement data directly to machines, sends them and can simultaneously transmit control commands. The software used only activates the note when necessary. The interface thus manages with low energy consumption and a battery life of up to three years.

Combined with the two other sysWORXX products from the IoT ecosystem, the small sysWORXX CTR-100 controller and the versatile sysWORXX CTR-700 edge controller, numerous projects can be realized.

With the Industry 4.0 solutions, goods can be tracked in production halls, the machine status can be monitored precisely and predictive maintenance can be implemented. In addition, peak loads can be avoided and energy efficiency increased through targeted energy management.

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