Introduced! The Case Study of the IoT Partner Solution with TeamViewer

IoT for medium-sized businesses

The IoT TeamViewer Remote solution pre-installed in the sysWORXX CTR-700 allows you to combine remote access and control with remote monitoring. This enables you to access and edit your data remotely, reducing the risk of damage and saving time and, of course, money. Now finally the corresponding case study has been published, which presents the challenges and corresponding solutions.



TeamViewer supports predictive maintenance for medium-sized businesses

The networked factory is reality. At least for the industrial giants. For medium-sized companies, getting started can be a major challenge. With the support of TeamViewer IoT, however, SYS TEC electronic AG offers its customers an extremely simple solution for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Erich Köster is annoyed. This is already the fourth call from a customer today who reports a problem. Köster works as a technician for a medium-sized mechanical engineering company and is always the first point of contact when a customer with a system is at a loss. Actually he enjoys the "troubleshooting". However, if - as is the case today - the cries for help increase, then he will come to nothing else. After all: Some time ago, his company integrated the sysWORXX CTR-700 edge controller from SYS TEC electronic into almost all its machines and systems. This has already resulted in a significant gain in efficiency and reduced machine downtimes at the customer's premises. The controllers enable customers to monitor machines and plants live by reading out and making available the data they generate. With this - and the necessary expertise - faults can be detected before they occur. And optimize processes and maintenance intervals. Especially practical: The sysWORXX CTR-700 also supports so-called retrofitting. This means that the controller can also read the data of older machines, and existing systems and machines can be upgraded and digitized without any problems.


Predictive maintenance and convenient maintenance via remote access

Today, however, Erich Köster is once again thinking about how much easier and more efficient his work could be if the machine data were not only accessible directly at the machines but also from his office. In other words, a solution that allows monitoring, maintenance and control of the machines from outside via a communication interface to the edge controller from SYS TEC electronic.

This is exactly what SYS TEC electronic has now realized together with TeamViewer, as Nadine Mensdorf, Head of Product Management at SYS TEC electronic, explains: "We see ourselves as a premium provider of electronic services, our solutions are always customer-specific and individual. It is practically part of our DNA that we think about how we can solve our customers' problems". Many of them are medium-sized manufacturers of special machines, for example. And they are increasingly pushing in the direction of Industry 4.0: "On the one hand, they want to use the value creation potential of IoT, especially in the areas of live monitoring and predictive maintenance, for their own production facilities. But another important aspect is the added value they can offer their own customers through additional services based on IoT".

The need for suitable solutions is there - and it is growing, Mensdorf explains. Initially, SYS TEC electronic used various partner solutions for remote access to its controllers, which could be used with any cloud. "However, handling was not easy. And the reservations against cloud solutions are particularly great among medium-sized companies, because there are doubts as to whether the data in the cloud itself and in the transfer to it are really secure.


Secure networking of critical production facilities

The company was therefore looking for a solution that would allow access to the data not only via the cloud, but also within the customer's local network. And which is also simple, secure and quick to implement. With TeamViewer IoT the right solution was found. Now SYS TEC electronic offers its customers the possibility to flexibly access the data collected by the edge controllers via TeamViewer IoT. Flexible because the user decides where his data is and who is allowed to access it.

"Our customers and also their end customers are delighted that they have complete control over data access. The users and machine owners decide completely autonomously whether the data can be used within their own network or whether, for example, the machine manufacturer can obtain access from outside. All TeamViewer connections run over completely secured data channels, which are set up with a 2048 bit RSA public/private key exchange and encrypted with 256 bit AES. Since the private key never leaves the client computer, this procedure technically ensures that intermediate computers on the Internet cannot decipher the data stream.

With TeamViewer IoT integration, performance and status data as well as the current maintenance requirements of a machine can be recorded without a technician having to do this himself on site. Technicians can remotely monitor the "health" of the equipment from their office, define threshold values and set appropriate alarms. In this way, early signs and signs of wear can be detected and remedied before they become a serious problem. Thanks to predictive maintenance, the total cost of a system can be reduced significantly.

Easy access to Industrial IoT

"It is a lean, commercially interesting solution that is very easy to integrate and easily scalable," says Nadine Mensdorf. "It also gives our customers an easy entry into the world of industrial IoT. Instead of having to directly start a large and expensive IoT initiative, they can approach the topic with our solution. We support them on this path and help them with implementation and scaling. It is also helpful that TeamViewer is well known in Germany and enjoys a very good reputation and great trust. "This makes it easy to convince our customers of this solution." TeamViewer IoT is integrated into the sysWORXX CTR-700 Edge Controller as standard and is used within various integration projects at customers.

At the same time, the company is exploring the additional possibilities that this solution opens up. This involves questions like: What new values can we record for monitoring so that the customer receives even better input? What additional access options to sensors and actuators in the machines can be used for predictive maintenance scenarios?


Linking TeamViewer IoT with other device management tools

With each new project, SYS TEC electronic gathers new experience for the application-specific use of the solution and can thus further develop it. The company is currently working on the integration of data from a structure-borne sound and vibration analysis of motors within the machine for predictive maintenance. The aim of SYS TEC electronic is to use the experience gained in the integration business to establish the whole thing as a standard solution with application-specific modules. It is also planned to link TeamViewer IoT with other device management tools from SYS TEC electronic. In short: SYS TEC electronic and TeamViewer are currently opening the door to networked factories and IoT-driven predictive maintenance for many medium-sized machine manufacturers. Simple, fast and cost-effective. This is how Industry 4.0 is created in medium-sized companies.


The complete case study can be downloaded here. Do you have questions about this solution or the sysWORXX CTR-700? Just contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!