sysWORXX CTR-700 gets direct Mesh net connectivity

The sysWORXX CTR-700 as a linux-based, industry-standard DIN rail computer with industry standard I/Os, connection to CAN/CANopen, TCP/IP, Modbus and freely programmable in IEC61131-3, Node.js, Node-RED, Phyton, Java, etc. is now available with a recipient node for mesh networks.

Thus, much of the data can be read and processed by sensors or directly from the machine before they are sent to the cloud. This means that the most diverse formats (binary code, hexadecimal, etc.) are read in and output as uniform, readable data. This allows a fast allocation of the data to the corresponding transmission sources (for example sensors).

First explanatory video

Due to the versatility in technical handling as well as in the application, we have developed an explanatory film. This should show in a simple and clear way, how the Edge-Controller works and which possibilities of application are feasible.

Have fun wachting!