SYS TEC electronic AG with pre-Christmas surprise

Fundraising campaign for regional kindergartens

Heinsdorfergrund. When the weeks of Advent and Christmas are approaching, many people use this time to pause and think about things that are important to them. As a regionally based company, SYS TEC electronic sees the future clearly in the hands of those who come after us. Therefore the team has come up with something special this year and handed over donation cheques in the amount of 1.200,00 € to the Fröbelkindergarten, the Kita August Horch and the youth home Regenbogenhaus in Reichenbach last Tuesday.

The directors of the facilities Silke Winker, Doreen Seifert and Karin Gruschwitz were visibly happy about the pre-Christmas surprise and brought some children to the handover. They already have very concrete ideas on how they would invest the money and so green toy cars, a Kamishibai story theatre and excursions as well as cultural events are currently very popular.

"We really liked the idea from the team," says CEO Ronald Sieber, "especially with regard to social institutions that are dedicated to the well-being of children every day.
"In addition, we were very interested in the regionality in connection with childcare facilities, which are also visited by children whose parents are an important part of our team as employees of SYS TEC electronic," adds CEO Dirk Bause.

As a creative thank-you, the SYS TEC electronic AG Executive Board members were presented with imaginatively designed pictures that can now be admired by all employees in the electronic service provider's premises. In addition, one of the pictures will be chosen as the motif for this year's Christmas card.