Our IoT solution for fault services in the energy network

With our sysWORXX IoT ecosystem, a large number of IoT projects can be implemented in practice. In the following we describe a concrete application case for employees in the power grid fault service. Systems are monitored and controlled remotely. All necessary information is provided directly on the smartphone.


Have fun watching.

It's Sunday afternoon and coffee time. Stefan works in the power grid fault service. Suddenly the mobile phone rings: It is power failure! But at which transformer station? Stefan has to drive to the control center to get the necessary information. Then it goes to the defective transformer house. Stefan only sees now that a component is defective. So he goes back to the control center to get a spare part. Then quickly return to the transformer house to rectify the fault. Stefan is annoyed, because it is now evening and the cake has long since been eaten. Our IoT solution puts an end to this stress!

We equip the transformer houses with an electronic component: our edge controller sysWORXX CTR-700, which sends the transformer data encrypted to the control center. Here they are collected and evaluated centrally. In the event of a malfunction, Stefan now sees immediately which transformer station is affected and what exactly is broken. All this even directly on the smartphone.
Stefan is happy because our IoT solution saves time and money.

The sensitive energy grid is also becoming more stable and secure.

Now Stefan can fully enjoy his Sunday cake!

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