Environmental monitoring using Meshnet

Climate data monitoring by SYS TEC electronic and Wirepas

For sensitive products such as food and medicines or for machines or entire systems that must not break down unplanned and cause high costs or simply so that people can breathe good air, constant monitoring of environmental parameters is necessary. Here, the SYS TEC electronic solution for Meshnet-IO offers numerous possibilities for efficient and wireless acquisition, verification and processing of unstructured but important data. Factors such as temperature, air pressure or humidity, vibrations or other movement data can be selected. Further conditions such as visualization and evaluation, transmission intervals or the selected values for monitoring can be adapted exclusively to customer requirements.

With the sysWORXX CTR-700 Edge Controller and any number of battery-powered sensors, this climate data can be monitored and subsequently processed at individually set intervals in conjunction with the Wirepas radio protocol. Even the subsequent evaluation can be carried out in various ways and is individually tailored to the customer's requirements. In addition to more efficient work processes and the resulting
time savings, the low energy consumption with low latency times and high data volume, and thus the longer battery life, have a beneficial effect. Reduced maintenance efforts and lower repair and maintenance costs also speak for the Meshnet solution.