Data Science at SYS TEC electronic

Technologies and methods in the practical workshop

As an interdisciplinary science and the possibility of extracting information and thus explicit knowledge from data, Data Science has long been known to many. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mike Espig from the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau, various technologies, methods and the corresponding procedures for successful Data Science projects were presented and discussed in a practice-oriented workshop at SYS TEC electronic.


In a short interview, Prof. Espig explained why Data Science is shaping the future.

Prof. Espig, what do you associate with AI and Data Science?

"Digital progress is fundamentally changing the way we live and generate wealth. This also applies to the foundations of our value-added processes, in which data is becoming a central raw material and data-based business models a foundation for all sectors of the economy. It is above all the continuous flow of data that determines the use of new trends, innovations and research opportunities. The use and evaluation of data and data streams are the pace-setters of progress in all sectors - be it industry, mobility, energy, education or healthcare".

Where exactly is the potential for companies?

"We have more and more forms of data at our disposal: In industry - through consistent monitoring and conversion of processes, in research - through new evaluation methods and modern observation of phenomena and developments, but also in the private sphere, where developments such as the smart home are becoming the norm. The targeted storage and evaluation of this data offers great potential for added value for companies. Already today, anonymous data evaluations are being used in order to be able to treat serious illnesses such as cancer more precisely and to provide people with better, individual chances of recovery. This requires corresponding databases which can be made accessible for evaluation for the benefit of the general public and lead to new findings through new analytical methods.

What should the Data Science Workshop at SYS TEC electronic convey in terms of content?

"The workshop was very practice-oriented and interdisciplinary. Starting with an introduction and overview, the methods, technologies and process models for successful data science projects were presented in a user-oriented manner, and the strategic dimension of significance was understood and widespread myths clarified.

How did you feel about the response of the participants?

"The active and constructive cooperation of the participants was particularly stimulating for me. I always enjoy answering application-oriented questions and explaining them using other, unplanned practical examples.

Were there any new approaches or perspectives for you during the workshop?

"Insights into concrete problems of today's companies - this is particularly important for the practical relevance of my teaching. All in all, the day and all the participants are extremely pleasant memories for me".