CANopen support for Avnet Silica’s Visible Things™

SYS TEC electronic has ported their CANopen Stack on Avnet Silica´s Visible Things IoT Industrial Kit, which represents a ready‐to‐use and fully integrated IoT platform. Exclusively for the users of the Avnet Silica's Visible Things IoT Kit, a CANopen library has been implemented, which is free available for the evaluation of the CANopen technology based on this highly integrated IoT platform.

Avnet Silica´s Visible Things™ Industrial Starter Kit provides a turnkey solution based on the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, that allows you to start designing at the API level and is equipped to handle an outstanding range of connectivity tasks. Simplify and secure your IoT solution with Avnet Silica’s complete evaluation and reference platform, Visible Things. It connects smart devices right to the cloud and enterprise software and supports an ever increasing range of sensor, connectivity, gateway and security technologies.

The now implemented CANopen solution by SYS TEC electronic and the function set of the available CANopen library is prepared for implementing a CANopen‐Slave according to CiA 401 (I/O Device). The free, but time‐limited, CANopen library has a CiA 301 compliant object dictionary and includes NMT slave functionalities. By default: 1 TPDO, 1 RPDO, Heartbeat‐Producer and self starting & NMT start remote node services are supported. The PDO‐Configuration, Node‐ID and Baud rate can be configured and changed on user level.

For users who have the requirement to implement an own CANopen specific application, SYS TEC electronic offers the well‐proven “CANopen Master & Slave Source Code CiA 301” as well as the “CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302”, which both supports the Renesas Synergy™ Platform and thereon based target platforms.

The SYS TEC’s CANopen experts are available for consulting as well as integration workshops and adaptation services on such highly integrated target platforms.
Avnet Silica (hall 1, booth 370) as well as SYS TEC electronic (hall 2, booth 631) are part of the upcoming Embedded World. The exhibition takes place from February 27th to March 1st, 2018 in Nuremberg / Germany.