Energy monitoring and condition monitoring from one source

Energy monitoring and condition monitoring from one source

The market of traditional suppliers is currently undergoing rapid change, as climate change also requires a change in mobility. The conversion from internal combustion engines to electric drives simply makes many mechanical components superfluous. In addition, the call for climate-neutral production is becoming louder and louder, or is being demanded by large customers who already have them. Not only the Corona Pandemic shows: Companies that can quickly adapt their production not only in times of crisis are less affected by negative effects and can continue to operate.


The greater the flexibility in the production, the greater the chance to win new customers, produce new parts and reduce dependencies. The consequences of the fast adaptation and individualization of products are more frequent retooling and shorter production times. The planning of production processes is therefore becoming more complex and increasingly short-term. Knowledge of the current status of machines and current production orders is the capital to be able to react at short notice.

The IIot-platform Katmai of Komprenu GmbH records completely the status data of the machines and the status of the order processing. Performance figures are calculated for the machines, which can make the production more efficient, plan the maintenance more exactly and thus avoid downtimes.

The energy management solution based on the Katmai platform has been tested by BAFA and is classified as eligible for subsidies. Through the continuous recording of resource consumption and evaluations, customers receive a precise overview of the use and consumption of resources. Thus, large consumers can be easily identified and measures can be taken to increase efficiency and prepare for climate neutrality.

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