Flexible, on-time, high quality production of complex modules

As an EMS service provider, we offer our customers from a wide range of industries a comprehensive service. The flexible and punctual production of complex assemblies under the highest quality standards is what sets us apart. From material procurement and logistics to device assembly and the automated printing of your devices and systems, with label printing and sales packaging, we realize your product.


... ESD-compliant production, we manufacture assemblies according to your specifications. Precision in the assembly of printed circuit boards is ensured by our specialists, who, among other things, operate modern SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) assembly machines, manual THT (Through Hole Technology) assembly and automated soldering. SMT components are processed on pure SMT boards or in mixed assembly with wired THT components.


... is an elementary component of every project phase at SYS TEC electronic. During visual inspection using modern AOI workstations and X-ray diagnostics, the production quality of assembled/soldered components on the circuit board is assessed. By means of ICT-Test (In Circuit Test), Boundary Scan, HV-Test (High Voltage Test) and BurnIN-Test the reliable functionality is checked again. The final quality control, for example with First Article Inspection (FAI), function test and commissioning, is always carried out on all our assemblies.


... by lacquering and encapsulating printed circuit boards are part of our comprehensive technology park for the protection of assembled printed circuit boards. These processes ensure the functions and properties of your electronic assembly under difficult environmental conditions and thus increase its service life.


The range of services in SMT assembly enables the assembly of designs such as 0201 and micro-BGAs. The automatic selective soldering process is used for the wired components, which enables reproducible solder joints of consistent quality. Nitrogen is used to support the soldering process and for storage of moisture-sensitive components.


The flexibility of the production line allows the assembly of small quantities from one assembly (e.g. a prototype) with the series technology. This creates the potential for optimum series production already in the prototype stage. Due to the close connection between the development engineers and the production engineers, attention is paid to a design suitable for production (Design for Manufacturing). Prior to the electrical test, visual inspection is carried out with the support of an automatic optical inspection system.

The test scope can be extended according to requirements, for example with a calibration or run-in (with temperature test chamber). Due to traceability, strict compliance with ESD standards and our specialized colleagues, the production is designed for all areas of electronics, from printed circuit boards to complex devices. This also applies to safety-relevant projects.

  • modern production conditions
  • Traceability back to the manufacturer batch
  • Storage of sensitive components and circuit boards under nitrogen
  • Paste printing with optical position control and automatic stencil cleaning
  • SMD placement up to 0201, µBGA, FinePitch from 0,3mm, up to 55x55mm size; output 20.000 BE/h, accuracy 0,035mm; intelligent feeders -> no mixing up of components
  • Processing of printed circuit boards from 0.8mm thickness and aluminium core circuit boards
  • stress-free depaneling via milling machine
  • flexible production from quantity 1 (prototypes)
  • automatic selective soldering for reproducible solder joints on THT components within complex SMT
  • Soldering process under nitrogen for leaded and unleaded components
  • automatic optical inspection (AOI) of each printed circuit board
  • Functional test of each module, also with calibration, burn-in (temperature test chamber), Boundary Scan and software installation
  • Preparation of a design suitable for production through close cooperation between the engineers in development and production
  • Direct access of the development engineers to the production
  • Accompanying the products from development to prototypes and series production
  • Assumption of placement services
  • Production of safety-oriented devices, also from own development according to class 3 IPC-A-610
  • ISO-9001 certification, continuous ESD protection, full service from procurement to delivery


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