Transport & Railway Technology

Modular train communication system

Gigabit Ethernet – Wi-Fi router for railway applications

SYS TEC electronic has succeeded in developing a modular train communication system to construct a device that makes VoIP and multimedia software packages available on Linux and the ix86 platform usable. These are specially adapted to the requirements of railway applications.

An important subcomponent of this system is the Gigabit Ethernet router with dual-band Wi-Fi, based on SYS TEC electronic’s ECUcore module. It has a range of interfaces for Gigabit Ethernet, USB and Mini PCI Express that can be used to combine two independent Wi-Fi cards with a maximum gross bandwidth. The modular design makes it possible to replace the Wi-Fi cards and bring them up to date with the latest standard at a low cost. Other interface cards supporting the Mini PCI Express standard (e.g. Bluetooth and LTE) can also be used. This makes it possible to create a new router or gateway system. External mass storage can also be added to the system at any time.

All operation-critical processes, such as temperature and power supply, are of course also monitored using integrated on-board diagnostic systems so that you can respond quickly to critical situations. SYS TEC electronic offers products tailored to your needs, so that you can offer your customers the highest standard of multimedia services and strengthen customer loyalty.

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