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Microcontroller assemblies and software to identify sparks

Identifying and combating sparks in pneumatic suction and conveying equipment

The timber processing industry and some operations in the food, animal feed, textiles, leather and chemical industries involve fire hazards that are exacerbated by cutting machines. The machines produce sparks, which can lead to smouldering fires and dust explosions.

The engineers at SYS TEC electronic, in collaboration with their cooperation partners, have developed hardware and software for detecting sparks. These include microcontroller assemblies and software for controlling the on-board periphery, as well as CANopen communication. The SYS TEC electronic runtime system has been modified and ported to the assembly. Programs written in C and SPS programs compliant with IEC 61131-3 have been used for this purpose.

The efficient operating system controls the prioritised execution of a process function to detect sparks, and also controls the communication process. The network interface for connecting to two CAN networks has been implemented using SYS TEC electronic’s instance-capable CANopen protocol stack. Data is also transferred via the CAN bus using CANopen. A gateway server on the master ensures that data is forwarded to the dependent CAN bus segment.

The combination of programs written in C and an SPS environment allows for convenient diagnosis using OpenPCS without the need for any additional tools. The results of the data processing are transferred to variables in the SPS program, allowing them to be monitored online through testing and commissioning in OpenPCS. The existing CANopen interface also provides the option to read or write data via the object dictionary of the corresponding CANopen instance.

The necessary software components for all data transmission services were designed and developed by SYS TEC electronic.

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