sysWORXX CTR-700

sysWORXX CTR-700: Combination of freely programmable Edge Controller & IoT Gateway gets direct Meshnet connection and first explanatory video

Dear customers and partners,

the demand for our newest product, the sysWORXX CTR-700, increases from project to project. Due to the versatility of this device many different use cases can be operated. Now our all-rounder receives an additional direct Meshnet connection to be able to receive data from (Meshnet) sensors without detours.

Why Edge Computing?

Edge Computing is a distributed, open IT architecture that provides decentralized processing power and the foundation for mobile computing and IoT technologies.Edge Computing processes data from the device itself or from a local computer or server and optionally transfers it to a data center/cloud. The latter, however, is not mandatory for operation.

The latter is not required.

Edge Computing enables the acceleration of data streams, e.g. real-time data processing without latency times. This enables intelligent applications and devices to react to data almost immediately when it is created. This avoids delays.nbsp;

In addition, Edge Computing enables efficient data processing, where large amounts of data can be processed near the source, requiring less Internet bandwidth . This reduces costs and ensures that applications can be used effectively at remote locations  . In addition, there is an additional level of security for confidential data, as data can be processed without having to be moved to a public cloud.

Edge computing with Meshnet connection

The sysWORXX CTR-700 as linux-based, industrial-suited DIN rail computer with industry standard I/Os, connection to CAN/CANopen, TCP/IP, Modbus and freely programmable in IEC61131-3, Node.js, Node-RED, Phyton, Java, etc. is now available with a receiver node for mesh networks.

So most of the data can be read and processed by sensors or directly from the machine before they are sent to the cloud. This means that different formats (binary code, hexadecimal, etc.) are read in and output as uniform, readable data. This allows a fast assignment of the data to the corresponding transmission sources (e.g. sensors).


First explanatory film for sysWORXX product

Due to the versatility in both technical handling and application, we have developed an explanatory film. This should show in a simple and clear way, how the Edge-Controller works and which possibilities are realizable in the application.

Have fun watching!


Short supplement to embedded world 2018

For all those who could not participate in the embedded world, here is a supplement in the form of a video of our presentation on Node-RED. Of course the sysWORXX CTR-700 is also programmable in Node-RED.

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