SYS TEC electronic Herbstforum - A Journey between the Worlds

The participants of the 3rd SYS TEC electronic Autumn Forum at the company's location in Heinsdorfergrund learned how exciting current topics around the Internet of Things and digitization can be. Once a year, SYS TEC electronic AG invites you to an expert forum that is becoming increasingly popular with partners and customers.

Heinsdorfergrund. Where do we go when digitalisation leaves the paperless office and is in demand in industrial areas? SYS TEC electronic AG provided answers to these questions at its 3rd Autumn Forum on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 and took the approximately 30 participants on a journey between worlds.

After Oliver Groth's introductory article on artificial intelligence, the first step was to retrofit old machinery with a fresh cell cure before discussing the advantages and implementation options of mesh networks.

However, the extent to which SYS TEC electronic AG has its finger on the pulse of the times was demonstrated by the topic of recording mechanical vibration data for predictive maintenance. Particularly in the industrial sector, there is a growing interest in options such as structure-borne sound analysis for early detection of faults or wear on large systems. How the captured data can be used meaningfully and effectively and the concluding practical insight by CEO Ronald Sieber in the area of IoT solutions clearly spanned the arc from industrial production back to the cloud or AI.

Short workshops were held to fit each lecture and gave the opportunity for a small practical test. In addition, free space was used for the integrated in-house exhibition and extensive discussions. The two executive board members of SYS TEC electronic AG, Ronald Sieber and Dirk Baus, were very pleased with the consistently positive feedback.

"We are very pleased that our autumn forum is well received as a specialist event and that the concept is even described as courageous," says Ronald Sieber with satisfaction. "We are not only meeting the nerve of the participants thematically, it is also an incentive to continue next year and further consolidate the autumn forum as a specialist event.