SYS TEC electronic further expands the sysWORXX brand for its own products

SYS TEC electronic GmbH adds the new products IoT Chip SE and Edge Controller C34, which were launched in 2017, to its own brand sysWORXX and consequently renames them: The IoT Chip SE is now called sysWORXX CTR-100 and the Edge Controller C34 is now called sysWORXX CTR-700.

SYS TEC electronic further expands the sysWORXX brand for its own products.

Until now, SYS TEC electronic's own products have rarely been marketed under the sysWORXX brand. In order to strengthen the brand and clearly identify the high-quality products, all of the company's own products will appear under this brand in future. This structure also makes it easier to find and filter products for SYS TEC electronic customers and prospects.

In the case of the two IoT controllers, the abbreviation CTR indicates the function of a controller. The following number stands for size and range of functions. The higher the number, the larger and functionally more comprehensive is a product of the brand sysWORXX.

SYS TEC electronic is an electronics service provider for high-quality and customer-specific solutions in Saxony. In-house development and production enable individual hardware and software concepts from design and prototype construction to series production. It serves a wide variety of industries - from industrial communication and automation to embedded systems.

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