New development for the Internet of Things

The electronics service provider SYS TEC electronic has developed a durable industrial radio interface for sensors and actuators with mesh network functionality. This completes the IoT ecosystem and allows a multitude of solutions to be implemented in a networked industrial environment.


The electronics service provider SYS TEC electronic closes the gap of the in-house IoT ecosystem with the development of the sysWORXX SRN-300. The Short Range Radio Node (SRN) is a consistent further development of Meshnet technologies towards industrial applications. The functionality includes both sensors and actuators. In addition to sending and receiving data, control tasks can also be implemented with the node. Digital outputs with bistable relays are available for this purpose.

Any physical quantity of a machine can be connected directly to the node. There is no dependence on exclusively individual physical quantities of a machine.

Software side a software stack of the company Wirepas from Finland is used. This makes it possible to activate the node only when necessary. The result is enormously low energy consumption and thus a long battery life of up to three years. At the same time, the node can also be operated via a 24V connection.

The node transmits on a 2.4 GHz transmit frequency and contains an NFC antenna for provisioning.

Together with the two other sysWORXX products from the IoT ecosystem, the small controller sysWORXX CTR-100 and the versatile edge controller sysWORXX CTR-700, numerous IoT projects can be implemented. Particularly in the areas of asset tracking, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and energy management, concrete applications are being planned.

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