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    SYS TEC electronic is an electronics service provider for high-quality and customized solutions. The in-house development and production enable individual hardware and software concepts from design to prototype construction to series production. Due to the in-house test department, a failure rate in mass production of less than 0.5% is being realized. The customers of the Saxony system integrator work in a wide range of industries - from industrial communication through automation to embedded systems.



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    Whitepaper - An ear on the machine
    The diesel engines rattle loudly, the air is hot, and it stinks of oil and grease. Right in the middle of the roaring is the satisfied, frowning face of Johann, better known as “The Ghost”. Despite the immense noise, he listens to the inside of his diesel engine through a listening tube. Film buffs will have immediately recognised the scene from the film “Das Boot”. It shows the world of machine monitoring very vividly: An ear on the machine. The equipment in our sysWORXX family makes machines readable and thus enables monitoring and controlling to be done both locally and remotely.
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    Whitepaper - Remote Energy Management (EN)
    Increased networking opens up wide-ranging opportunities for managing and controlling electrical energy. The Internet of Things (IoT) with its distributed, interconnected sensors makes it possible to precisely and continuously record the energy drawn by any given item. Handling this flood of data in a meaningful way requires tools like our smart gateway CTR-700 from the sysWORXX line.
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    Infineon's C167 is one of the most common and widely used microcontrollers in the world. But the end had to come sometime, even for endurance athletes like the C167. There's no need to worry, however: alternatives are available and with some planning, the change be quick and comfortable.
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    SYS TEC electronic - Foyer
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    SYS TEC electronic - Company building
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    SYS TEC electronic - Production
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    SYS TEC electronic - Our Idea of IoT
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    sysWORXX CTR-100 - Brochure
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