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Digitisation and networking of components into intelligent systems

The vision of Industry 4.0 is the digitisation and networking of components into intelligent systems with the goal of largely self-organising production. This vision presents the machine manufacturers and plant operators with financial and technical challenges. The need for highly energy-efficient circuits, controllers with a variety of communication interfaces, and a range of open and standardised communication protocols for M2M communication, is increasing. In addition, capturing positional data and the secure transmission and storage of data in remote storage media such as the cloud (link to cloud text) are further key factors. SYS TEC electronic offers a comprehensive range of modules and services for the development and production of Industry 4.0.

Modules and components for Industry 4.0

For example, the standards roadmap for Industry 4.0 recommends the use of open software, standards and methods in telecommunications and information technology. The ECUcore modules offered by SYS TEC electronic are based on open software that has been specially adapted to the requirements of the industrial sector. The maintenance of the software and the integration of the development environment is done by our highly skilled engineers. This allows us to ensure that the solutions we offer are manageable and that you are spared time-consuming advance integration work. So you can concentrate on your core business.

Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance

The Internet of Things has become a fixture of daily life in the last few years. More and more devices are connected to each other; in addition to PCs and smartphones, even cars, televisions and refrigerators can now send and receive data via the Internet. Within the industry, processes are being increasingly digitised so that it’s possible to access data independently of location and time. Communication and network structures make permanently installed cabling unnecessary and instead allow a flexible, configurable exchange of measurement data and control commands between different devices. We associate two key areas with the Internet of Things: communication and control, the former in terms of connecting the devices with each other and the latter in terms of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Condition monitoring makes sure that machinery and facilities are continuously supervised. In this process, various sensors measure a range of physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, vibration and acceleration. An analysis of this data, collected in real time, allows conclusions to be made about the current state of the system. This is required for predictive maintenance – the proactive maintenance of your systems. This means that wear parts are replaced according to actual wear rather than according to a rigid, predefined schedule. This innovative way of thinking not only saves costs by avoiding unnecessary component replacement; it also prevents breakdowns and downtimes. Predictive maintenance allows you to react early to critical conditions and potential errors.

The IoT devices from SYS TEC electronic enable you to easily network your systems, to save money and to provide intelligent maintenance. We make your systems even more efficient!

Big Data – collection, transfer, and storage of large data quantities

Modern machines and electronic components are already equipped with a multitude of sensors that enable them to colletct state variables such as temperature, forces, geolocation or posture data. Electronic systems are used in the industry for diagnostic purposes, significantly increasing reliability. For example, the failure time can be predicted as precisely as possible (predictive maintenance). This is done by means of simple measurements of voltages and currents during operation and extends to the collection and evaluation of test data during production for quality assurance.

Due to the diverse approaches of Industry 4.0, there have as yet been no uniform and, more importantly, integrated standards for data exchange and the processing of such data packages.

With its approach to data processing, the SYS TEC electronic team creates the flexibility, transparency and cost savings that today’s market urgently demands. As a development service provider of industrial control solutions, we offer a portfolio of proven hardware and software modules. Energy efficiency is embraced and implemented just as professionally as the secure collection, transmission and storage of data on remote storage media such as the cloud. Your specific applications, which above all require individual data models, can also be implemented with the help of our skilled support team.


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