Medical Technology

The use of IoT in medical technology

In the treatment of patients, the necessary paper documents that accompany treatment are increasingly being supplemented and even replaced by electronic systems. Data-generating measuring devices send your data, assigned to the respective patients and encrypted, to central computers or, anonymised, to cloud applications. Data is recorded and securely transmitted using micro-controllers that work together via a network. This data is available to doctors and nurses everywhere. Access to the data by unauthorised persons can be excluded using authorisation and encryption techniques.

Seamless data collection, from patient history to follow-up medical treatment by the family doctor, can ensure coherence between clinical symptoms, meaning that no detail is lost. Electronic processing minimises possible sources of errors in entry and management of patient data. If the data sets are combined with automatic inspection systems, important accompanying examinations can be performed in parallel. By way of example, the point in time at which a patient has received a dose of a particular drug can be determined objectively. Anonymised evaluation allows both statistical relationships and random results to be evaluated and correlated. By including patient history, the symptoms of potential diseases can be diagnosed better and more purposefully.

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