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Networking, control and monitoring of machines and systems

Industry 4.0 for production, automation and logistics is more than just a vision of the future. The networking of machines and systems with the virtual world by means of currently available technologies opens up new control and monitoring possibilities for mechanical engineers.

Engineering services for mechanical engineers

For machine and component manufacturers, this offers the opportunity to drive forward new business models and thereby secure an individual competitive advantage. By equipping machines and components with Industry 4.0 components, manufacturing and handling machines are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. Different requirements from the fields of information technology, computer science, traditional automation technology and mechanics have to be brought together.

SYS TEC electronic works diligently on digitisation and the networking of machines. Our control solutions already today provide a symbiosis of established technologies from traditional automation and components from information and communication technology. We rely on open standards in connection with manufacturer-specific protocols and interfaces.

Be it the use of databases in controls, secure data transmission over the Internet or an intuitive user interface: with SYS TEC electronic as a development partner for innovative and future-oriented automation and control solutions, machine engineers benefit from our development teams. We are a reliable partner for your goals, schedule targets and cost targets!

Control and operating units for use in construction machines

For the use of mobile applications, electronic components must reliably withstand a wide variety of environmental influences and meet high requirements in terms of their robustness. Mechanical durability, sustaining extreme climate conditions and sensitivity to electromagnetic disturbances are among the most important factors in assessing the durability of these components. SYS TEC electronic can draw on a repertoire of testing and safety procedures to ensure the functionality of its components.

For example, SYS TEC electronic has constructed a robust human-machine interface (HMI) and control unit for use in harsh environments. To develop and optimise a heat sink concept that can guarantee reliable operation within the given operating conditions, the components were tested under extreme conditions in various thermal simulations based on 3D models. In addition, a comprehensive internal diagnostic function with error logging was implemented alongside various software and hardware protection measures.

For you, we can develop robust control and operation units that fully meet your durability and quality requirements. From the prototype with subsequent series production and burn-in tests through to mass production, our expertise means that we’re the right partner for you.

CNC kernel for fast and precise pick-and-place applications

Full automation in the production of high-volume unit numbers has been state-of-the-art for many years. In the age of Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, autonomous production is continuing to break through in this area, from small quantities through to individual production. This requires cost-effective and flexible control solutions that can be easily adapted to each customer’s requirements. SYS TEC electronic is a skilled development service provider and can draw on more than 27 years of experience.

A central core component in automation technology is the control of axes. For this, fixed movement sequences can be created as a PLC programme. For the production of smaller and often changing series, much more flexible methods are necessary. CNC-controlled machines offer considerably more flexibility and are therefore clearly superior to pure PLC solutions.

SYS TEC electronic offers a Linux-based software solution for CNC machines, consisting of an NC kernel and an IEC 6113103 PLC runtime environment with visualisation. For efficient control of several axes and the real-time processing of position and I/O data, SYS TEC electronic has developed an FPGA-based motion control card adapted to the NC kernel. The open software structure can be ported to various kinds of PC hardware and can thus be easily adapted to customer requirements.

Human-machine interface

In addition to pure machine control operations management, input and monitor devices are required to provide an interface to the operator (human-machine interface). This machine control panel is used to control processes and to set up and parameterise the machine.

From today’s perspective, there are several technologies that can be used to design a human-machine interface (HMI). The original form is a traditional screen with input keyboard located directly on the machine. However, as this method provides little freedom and no dynamics, operating and display elements are usually fitted with an integrated touch display. This allows the operating environment to be flexibly adapted to custom requirements. Current trends, however, are moving more towards machine operation using modern devices like tablets and smartphones. This means that screen content is communicated to the machine via various interfaces (e.g. OPC UA). It is therefore decoupled from the individual operating system and terminal.

For you, SYS TEC electronic will develop an HMI specially adapted to your requirements, together with the display and the operating system software. The associated graphical user interface (GUI) – which can for example be programmed with Qt and SpiderControl – intuitively maps the process logic of your machine. The special feature of this development is that both the GUI and the machine sequence control can be integrated into the device. This does not just mean that content is displayed; the machine functionality is embedded in the software too.

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