Industrial Communication

Industrial communication

Industrial communication within the context of Industry 4.0 shows how companies are already adjusting to ever-increasing digitisation. SYS TEC electronic has already extensively dealt with highly diverse technologies for transmitting data and information in the industrial environment.

Below, we explain some of the most important technologies.

FPGA-based PCI Express Cards for multi-protocol support

In automation technology, fieldbuses are often used to connect sensors and actuators. Due to the variety of fieldbus types that have been developed in the past, it is very difficult to select the appropriate fieldbus type for new machines. Therefore, it is often necessary to use different types within a system.

SYS TEC electronic has recognised this problem and has developed the fieldbus PCI Express Card, which enables the creation of up to three ports. This makes it possible to connect the host system with different fieldbuses – even older ones, for example. All available fieldbus types and interfaces can be used by installing the relevant modules. In addition, it is also possible to integrate Ethernet-based fieldbuses in the FPGA as IP cores. This solution is particularly easy and versatile for our customers, since the IP cores of the individual fieldbus types are very easy to replace. All three fieldbus interfaces can of course be used in parallel.

All in all, the Fieldbus PCI Express Card is a very flexible solution for automation systems that require multi-protocol support. Integration of the Anybus module interfaces enables software development to be independent of hardware and protocols. Various FPGA IP cores can be used in conjunction with the selected modules to create a variety of fieldbus environments.

CANopen applications based on the SYS TEC electronic CANopen protocol stack

Our CANopen product range, provides you with a full range of CANopen development tools and comprehensive consulting on integration. We are there for you for anything from general support right through to complete implementation of specific CANopen applications according to your individual requirements.

SYS TEC electronic’s CANopen source code protocol stack contains the necessary functions for implementing standards-compliant CANopen master and slave, as well as CANopen manager devices and applications.

As a developer of embedded automation, our software is actively used and has proven itself in many customer projects. CANopen protocol stack implementation is structured to provide the user with scalability, performance and portability.

The structured API makes it easy to use CANopen services without necessarily having to delve into the details of the stack implementation. The CANopen stack package includes many example programmes, demo projects and comprehensive documentation, providing assistance to the user.

Together with our source code products, we offer you a range of additional services:

  • Consulting and application analysis
  • Adaptation workshops and introduction to the source code
  • Support in the preparation of CiA CANopen conformance testing of your devices
  • Customer-specific training to provide transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Customer-specific CANopen driver development and protocol implementation
  • OEM development and integration services

The product range is complemented by various add-on packages which extend functionality and can be added and used as required by the application.
Please do not hesitate to contact us about your individual requirements regarding the CANopen product range. Our excellence makes us the right partner for you!

Mobile data connections – NarrowBand IoT

Globalisation is benefitting from advancing digital interconnection. “The Internet of Things (IoT) networks that which can be usefully networked” (Deutsche Telekom AG, 2017). The new mobile communications technologies are a major trailblazer for IoT.

To create IoT applications via mobile data connections, innovative and efficient technologies are needed, because small data packets must be carried over very large ranges in difficult terrain, as well as within buildings. In addition, low energy consumption and low costs are crucial. Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWA networks) fulfil these requirements.

NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) is a form of LPWA and fulfils all the requirements set out above. The optimised narrow-band technology complements already existing mobile network infrastructure and thus enables worldwide, blanket and seamless coverage. It is compliant with modern 3GPP security standards, thus ensuring secure M2M communication.
With the economic and technical advantages of NB IoT, IoT becomes suitable for the masses, which is why this service concept is increasingly coming to the fore. As an electronics service provider, SYS TEC electronic offers you a holistic solution in this area too. To be able to provide you with the widest possible service and an optimal network infrastructure, we have forged a partnership with Deutsche Telekom AG. This enables us to provide all your technical data services via the Deutsche Telekom AG network infrastructure.

For more information on our other IoT solutions, please click HERE.

Sensor networks (Mesh Net)

Sensor networks are used wherever data is collected and transmitted by sensors. Sensor networks can send physical variables such as temperature, air pressure, acceleration, or even coordinates to the actuators.

Sensor networks are interesting in many fields, especially in logistics: for example, they build upon nodal points via the sensor-equipped corridor conveyors and thus create a spontaneous, flexible wireless network (mesh net). This then enables a fault-free network, as communication between these points is completely without a fixed infrastructure. This means that radio interruptions caused by blockages/obstacles are easily circumvented, because each node also receives information from a nearby node and forwards it to the central point: the IoT gateway. Furthermore, logistics vehicles operating in places like warehouses can send both their coordinates and their loading status to the IoT gateway. When new tasks are allocated, they can be flexibly transferred to the vehicles with the easiest route. This leads to optimisation of order processing, increased efficiency and thus to significant cost savings. In addition, the data is not only transferred; it is already compacted and evaluated within the small control applications.

Sensor networks are fault-free and maintenance-free, battery-operated and demonstrate extremely low power consumption. So that we can develop and provide the best-possible technology for our customers, we have entered into a partnership with connectivity specialist Wirepas from Finland. SYS TEC electronic and Wirepas thus have a flexible and above all efficient solution for sending data to the cloud via the IoT gateway.

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