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Digital power supply, Battery management & energy distribution systems

Digital power supply

Due to the steadily growing demands made of modern electronics circuits, the development of power supplies is continually becoming more costly and complex. Modern circuits with complex ICs – such as microcontrollers and FPGA – usually require multiple supply voltages. A special, individual power supply is often required for each individual module.

SYS TEC electronic offers you solid and, above all, safe solutions to meet these growing challenges.

For example, we are developing power supply modules that can cover all country-specific voltage of the vehicle electrical system in rail vehicles. These have digital controls that monitor the different process variables via microcontroller. An integrated on-board diagnostic tool is used to measure the values of the voltage, current and power consumption, making them available via a backplane bus.

Of course, the voltage supply of our module is short-circuit-proof. It also has overvoltage and undervoltage protection, inrush current limiting, output power limitation, anti-overheating mechanisms and works with high efficiency.

The result is a robust, intelligent, and ultra-wide-area power supply that is ideally suited to meet the stringent requirements of railway technology.

Battery management systems

Alongside high-quality battery cells, the battery management system (BMS) is one of the most important components of a battery. The secure and long-term functionality of the BMS can only be achieved with the highest level of development and manufacturing expertise. In addition to developing features, particular attention must be paid to the environmental influences.

As a service provider, SYS TEC electronic supports you in the design and development of electronics, from battery management systems to high-quality series production. For BMS, the electronic assemblies we develop are equipped with specific software, ensuring optimal and safe use of the battery. This can prevent them from overheating due to internal or external influences and, in the worst case, catching fire.

With our expertise in developing and verifying analogue circuits in conjunction with our portfolio of FPGA designs, we can accurately and precisely collect and process the input values. In conjunction with our IEC 61131-3 PLC control software, we are also able to implement customised BMS solutions for you in form and function, individualised and adapted to the condition of the battery.

Web-based remote control and monitoring of energy distribution systems

Electrical energy networks form the backbone of any modern infrastructure. The high and medium voltage levels are monitored and controlled centrally by network operators. For the low voltage level, however, increasingly flexible solutions are required. This is also due to the large number of decentralised feed-in points that result from the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind power.

The IEC 61850 standard defines a transmission protocol for the station automation of electrical switchgears. When it comes to decentralised systems, there is usually a demand for local processing of location-related information and user-specific adaptations. For this purpose, a soft PLC is a cost-effective and flexible implementation.

The combination of IEC 61850-compliant protocol software and a soft PLC provides a solution that allows the higher-level control system and the local sensor/actuator level to respond equally efficiently. In addition to local inputs and outputs on the controller, the data points exchanged with the control level are displayed so that the PLC programme can ensure full access to the system data. The data obtained in this way can be easily processed and re-linked to the information. This has the advantage of significantly reducing the amount of data and thus reducing the bandwidth required.

Finally, there is browser-based online access for the remote control and monitoring of these energy distribution systems. This can be used to evaluate the data obtained and set up control instructions. SYS TEC electronic has already successfully implemented and integrated these kinds of systems. Take advantage of our experience. We are happy to advise and support you!

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