Embedded Automation

Connectivity between several devices

In the age of Industry 4.0, connectivity is becoming more important than ever. Increasing functionality of devices often leads to disproportionately complex firmware if all said functions must be included on a single device. To simplify software management and reduce the risk of errors, the individual functions are distributed across several small devices. This requires them to communicate with each other.

Embedded systems & small devices

The challenge is therefore to take older systems that use different fieldbus types, combine them together and, in turn, to combine these systems with the new Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

SYS TEC electronic, with its many years of experience in fieldbus development, has the answer to this problem. We develop high-performance systems with modular design. These offer a variety of communication interfaces that are ideal for intelligent fieldbus gateway applications. This gives our customers simple and flexible solutions for expanding their devices in the Industry 4.0 environment.

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Embedded controller platform for use in control and networking applications

Applications in the Industry 4.0 environment and the Internet of Things (IoT) lead to ever-increasing fusion of IT and automation. This increases the complexity of applications and makes it increasingly important to fulfil requirements such as interoperability and short time-to-market. Hardware-related languages such as C and C++ reach their limits here. They are primarily designed to produce compact and fast code. However, they provide little support for programming complex IoT applications. Weaknesses of these languages include low type safety and the extensive use of pointers, which often bring along enormous potential for error.

Programming languages that are consistently geared towards error prevention are therefore more suitable. C# meets just this requirement. The language comes without pointers and manages your data objects independently (managed objects). C# programmes operate in a runtime environment that protects data objects from unauthorised access. Inadvertent manipulations resulting from run-time flaws are reliably detected and revealed.

On the desktop and in the cloud, C# has already established itself as an efficient and secure high-level language. The merging of the two worlds leads to synergy effects from which significant competitive advantages can be gained. Especially in the IoT environment, where there has always been great emphasis on error-prevention within programming, there are many software libraries based on C#.

The standard development environment for programming in C# is Visual Studio, and this is also what SYS TEC electronic uses. We use one of the most powerful and most widely used development tools in the software sector.

Motion control & drives

The motion sequence of a machine is highly complex, so innovative systems are required to create custom, dynamic and efficient solutions. SYS TEC electronic has developed a robust motion control card for use in machine tools. The controller can be programmed in C/C++ and allows simultaneous operation of up to 8 axes with a cycle time of 50μs.

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