Update for sysWORXX CTR-700 available

The Update, the System Manual and the Download Instructions can be downloaded now.

  • Downloads on the product page sysWORXX CTR-700

The new version of our controller

Second major release

  • Update to Debian Stretch (9.8)
  • Update Linux kernel to 4.9.88
    • Add counter and A/B decoder module
  • Update to U-Boot version 2017.03
  • I/O driver updates and fixes (libtr700drv)
    • Support counter and A/B decoder functionality
  • New release of Node-RED nodes for CTR700
    • Support control of relays (added to ctr700_do)
    • Read analog values (new node ctr700_ain)
    • Control RunLED/ErrorLED (new node ctr700_led)
    • Read run switch (new node ctr700_switch)
  • Update languages / compilers / interpreters
    • node.js to version 10
    • openjdk to version 1.8
    • Mono version to 5.18
    • Python versions to 2.7.13 / 3.5.3
  • Update Docker version 18
  • New OpenPCS runtime:
    • Support masking of digital outputs
    • Support ADC configuration in PLC application
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Integrate library enhancements and features (I/O driver, IPC client, Node-RED nodes, etc.)