Hygenics and supply chains - Information on coronavirus

Information of SYS TEC electronic AG

The last few days and weeks have been dominated by news about the corona virus, which is spreading rapidly around the globe and has a more or less strong impact on all sectors of the economy. We take the concerns of our employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, guests and business partners regarding the corona virus very seriously. Your safety and health are always our top priority. That is why we ensure appropriate preventive measures and a high level of hygiene at the SYS TEC electronic AG company site. In addition, we continue to closely monitor current developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19.


The risk to the health of the population in Germany from the novel pathogen is currently assessed as moderate by the World Health Organization WHO, the Robert Koch Institute and the German authorities. We provide disinfectant dispensers in the entrance areas and in all sanitary areas at the company's site. We have also increased the cleaning frequency for sensitive areas. The contact surfaces (including door handles, handrails and light switches) on doors, elevators and stairs are cleaned several times a day.

At present, potentially escalating restrictions and possible delays in delivery cannot be predicted by us due to the existing dynamics and are very difficult to plan. In order to comply with the diligence within our sphere of influence, separate discussions were held with all departments, which mainly included immediate measures for daily handling.

In addition, SYS TEC electronic AG is committed to the following:

I Consistent application of the implemented occupational health and safety management II All current
recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the local health authorities are clearly visible
III Our employees are required to comply with the recommendations
IV Intensification of disinfection in the visitor

Another important issue is securing the supply chain in order to avoid production downtimes. Here we are in close regular exchange with our suppliers, who supply us almost daily with new information on affected components and current developments. We pass this information on to you immediately and are also happy to support you with solution proposals, e.g. for alternative components, if required. In some areas we observe increasing delivery times and signs of shortages.

Therefore we recommend you to place your orders and call-offs as early as possible.

Please contact us at any time if you have further questions!