Demo Candy Factory - Cooperation with ELCO Industrie Automation

We have a new cooperation partner: ELCO Industrie Automation. The first joint project is a demo for a candy factory, which we will present at sps ipc drives.

ELCO Industrie Automation specializes in the development of IoT platforms and industrial apps. Thus the company perfectly complements our focus on the Industry of Things. We take over the data generation in the field level with our IoT devices. These are sent to ELCO's IoTHub, where they are processed and clearly visualized on corresponding end devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

This allows a wide range of industrial IoT solutions to be implemented. In our function as a system integrator, you have, as usual, only one contact for your integrated solution - SYS TEC electronic.

In order to demonstrate the added value of the two companies in detail using an example, we are setting up a demo at sps ipc drives from 27 to 29 November. It describes an automated and networked candy factory. The three booths of ELCO Industrie Automation and SYS TEC electronic will present different candy factories that are networked with each other. The demo will show you how you can network machines, automate processes and centrally evaluate a wide variety of data using technologies from the Industrial Internet of Things.

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